Saturday, 6 June 2009

White English Climbing Rose

This one has been struggling for over two years and was one of the first things I planted when we first moved into our home so I am pleased to see how my patience has paid off and it is now well and truly becoming what I imagined when I first planted it.

Pretty in Pink

This year seems to be grandly all about the Peony.

So I feel very proud to not just have them in my garden but also to be able to bring them into the house to enjoy as there are so many blossoms.

As with last year, I am astonished how the buds went from puny little
round things to luscious pale pink explosions of delicate petals. I wonder if they could qualify for a prize. They are our prize flowers in any case!

Perfect Peonies

This Peony bush has been blooming like crazy this year. The flowers don't last as long as the pink ones but they sure are pretty.

Welcome back you perfectly lovely thing!!

(Remember you can click on the photo to see a much larger version of the photo)

Solo Succulent

This little plant was given to us by our next door neighbors only a year ago and has now already started to bloom! I'll post more when it opens.

Minature Rose in Red

This rose plant is also getting the brunt of some little monster attack although when I first got it had delicate deep red buds it has now bloomed into a more Gone with Wind Red but still stands proudly in it's pot.

Flowers in June 09

Our minature potted rose has returned with some pretty offerings even though the leaves have been attacked by some kind of shiny thing.